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Finding somebody to accompany you in the depth of your loss is hard.  Sometimes you just can’t find the right person around the corner or even within traveling distance. I’m so thankful for the existence of social media and video calls. It helps people connect with each other online.  Find support groups and sometimes also find online grief counselling. Having years of experience in coaching and mentoring people online I feel confident that I’m able to create the right atmosphere to accompany you in the events you’re going through.  Even if it is in video calls.

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Of course the set up it the same. Cup of tea or coffee next to the computer and tissues nearby. On your side and on mine. The first session is always free of charge. I find it very important that you feel a connection and/ or feel comfortable around me and my style of working before we move forward. If you decide to let me accompany you on your journey we’ll move ahead. Because your journey is hard enough and because talking money isn’t my favourite subject I’m offering a 5 sessions package deal. You’ll pay 375 euros at the beginning (that is 75 euros a session) and if you decide, for example, that 3 sessions are enough; I’ll just pay you the last two sessions back. That way, you and I don’t have to worry about money and we can just focus on what is important; you and your journey.