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I found myself on my knees in front of my open window, crying, shouting to God that I could NOT do this. We lost the daughter I utterly longed for and I had no idea how to move forward.
I couldn’t find God anywhere, but I trusted He was there, and so I kept shouting and grieving and healing.

Sometimes I look back at this period of deep grief in my life and see God everywhere.
I see God in people that entered my grief. I see God in cards that where sent. I see God in the stories I read. I see God….

I believe God puts people in our lives to help us through unbelievably tough situations.
The situation doesn’t change but the fact that we trust God in everything makes a difference.
It doesn’t mean that you can’t be mad, sad, angry, devastated or completely lost and utterly doubting everything.

grieving with God

Grieving with God means you keep the line with him open.

I want to help you do that. Knowing that I’m just as sad and mad as you and won’t have all the answers either. But I know that I have walked that road and am years ahead of where you are now.

If you also believe in God, our meetings will start and finish with prayer.
I will hold up your arm in this period of your life if you are too weak to go on.
I will be there.

If you don’t believe in God, we won’t talk about him at all.
But I can guarantee you that I will pray for you every step of the way.