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Letters to my son Joah

Thoughts and experiences of a grieving mother.

Letters to my son Joah. I write them, he doesn’t read them. At least, that’s what I assume or in heaven something must have been invented for illiteracy in babies. Perhaps Jesus reads them as a bedtime story, although I can imagine something more exciting than the thoughts and experiences of a grieving mother. I’m publishing them every second Friday of the month, because it might be of some use to you or someone around you.

Letter 1

First times. As a baby you have so many! Starting with your first cry, the first bottle, your first fruit snack, your first real smile, your first Christmas. We mourn all those firsts of yours that we have to miss. Especially now that your brother is getting bigger and we experience all those firsts with him, we wonder and enjoy and we cry a little more because they are so different from yours. But without us realizing it, we have already experienced so many first times with you. The first night together, the first time in the car, the first time in the bath, the first time outside, the first time in the sling. But the most special first is definitely becoming a mom and dad for the first time, that’s really the greatest miracle that exists. And as much as we have to miss, that’s something you gave us that we still marvel at every day.

Love, mom

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