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In only a few weeks time

Oud Stenen trapje
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It’s only 2 months ago since we first met for the free first session online.
The woman on my screen is telling me her story.
The story of her stillborn son, just a few months earlier.
The story of a much loved, much wanted first child.
Her eyes are blurry from the tears. The Kleenex is much needed.  Not only on her side, also on mine.
After the free session she decided that I would be the right person to walk along with her.

Oud Stenen trapje

Yesterday was our last session.
In front of me the woman is telling this part of her grief story, 7 months after her baby was born, with a smile on her face. Her eyes are sparkling with some joy. Over the last months I’ve seen her weaving her grief into her life. Making choices through and because of what happened. ‘I want to live more intuitively’ was one of the things she learned and wished for. And she does.  I’ve seen her letting the grief wash over her when needed. I’ve also seen her stepping into her new normal. The normal without her son.
I’ve seen her learn to talk about him as part of her and her husband’s life.
They are walking this road beautifully.
It’s not okay. But it’s more okay than when we started, she says.

I’m SO proud of her.
With a sigh and tears in my eyes I close the screen.
My first ‘walking along in grief sessions’ are over.
I let her go in confidence. Knowing that the road hasn’t ended and will never do. But she has learned tools to handle and weave the grief into her life.

And I’m so thankful that I could be part of that. 


Blogs volgen of delen?

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