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Letters to my son Joah

Thoughts and experiences of a grieving mother.

Letters to my son Joah. I write them, he doesn’t read them. At least, that’s what I assume or in heaven something must have been invented for illiteracy in babies. Perhaps Jesus reads them as a bedtime story, although I can imagine something more exciting than the thoughts and experiences of a grieving mother. I’m publishing them every second Friday of the month, because it might be of some use to you or someone around you.

Letter 1

Oud Stenen trapje

In only a few weeks time

It’s only 2 months ago since we first met for the free first session online.
The woman on my screen is telling me her story.
The story of her stillborn son, just a few months earlier.
The story of a much loved, much wanted first child.
Her eyes are blurry from the tears. The Kleenex is much needed.  Not only on her side, also on mine.
After the free session she decided that I would be the right person to walk along with her.