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Do you feel like everything in the world seems just wrong?

Do you feel like you have such a hole in your heart that you really can’t go on?

Do you feel like you’re screaming HELP from the top of your lungs and nobody is listening?

Do you feel like your tears just keep coming after you’ve already cried buckets full?

Rouwbegeleiding met een bakkie troost

I’d like to invite you to my home and my sofa. I’d be honoured if I could hear your story.
I want to hear about what life threw at you. I want to get to know you.

In all your grief, in all your doubt, in all your troubles.

Although everything feels completely wrong when you’re grieving, everything YOU feel is all right. Grief is as personal as your fingerprint.
I’d like to walk alongside you in your grief. As long as you need it. Until you’re strong enough to walk further alone.